About Us

The East Coast Countdown is a weekly, nationally-syndicated radio program that showcases the hottest in Atlantic Canadian music. The show features a Top 10 chart of East Coast artists, the Producer’s Pick highlighting a potential future hit, and the EC Spotlight focusing on performers you may not otherwise hear on contemporary radio.

The East Coast Countdown was founded in 2004 by longtime friends Jack Bonaparte and Jimmie Inch, with Jack serving as Executive Producer and Host, and Jimmie as the show’s Engineer and Producer. In July 2005, Jack was diagnosed with cancer and passed away March 4, 2006, just days after being awarded the East Coast Music Award for Industry Professional of the Year.

Jimmie took over as host of the Countdown when Jack started his treatments, and carried the mantle until 2014 with producer Glen MacIsaac. In October 2014, Jimmie handed the torch to radio hosts Cameron MacEachern and Paddy Quinn, who both had a connection to Jack Bonaparte through his time at CIGO-FM. Currently, Cameron continues the independent tradition of the ECC by producing the show out of his home studio in Halifax.

The East Coast Countdown broadcasts on more than a dozen stations in Nova Scotia, Newfoundland & Labrador, New Brunswick, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Maine, along with internet radio. The show has earned four ECMA Awards for Broadcast of the Year, as well as four Nova Scotia Music Awards for Program of the Year.